Exchange and Refund Policies

Check around, most candle businesses offer no refunds at all.  Only a handful will do exchanges. Our company wants to do our very best to make our customers happy! We treat our customers in the manner that we want to be treated. 


Damaged Product

If you have received your candle or wax melt in poor or damaged condition please take pictures of the packaging and the product. Email us the pictures and a brief description of the issue. From the pictures we will access the problem and work with you to rectify the problem, with either a new product or possible refund. 

Wrong Product

If you received the wrong product please take a picture and email us the picture of the product and your receipt, we will send you the correct product at no new cost to you and you can keep the wrong product, give it as a gift to someone or enjoy it as well as the correct product.


To be honest we'd prefer to not give a refund, we want you to have a product that you will be happy with! If you feel you deserve a refund, please email us and explain why. We will do all in our power to make you happy possibly even refunding all but the shipping cost if warranted. 

Gift Cards

Sales on Gift Cards are final. No refunds. 


Email us: please use CUSTOMER ISSUE as your subject line for quicker attention to the matter.