Cathy's Candle Creations was established in early 2020, during the Pandemic. After buying far to many high priced candles that did not give the desired results, or were not healthy and safe, and after buying inexpensive candles that burned away in a day or two and also were not healthy, my husband said, "why don't you make your own candles"?! 

So began the research! I knew that I could not just pour wax over a wick and voilà I'd have the candle I wanted.   I am actually a former Interior Designer, with an Engineering Graphics background, and I am a school teacher. (I only teach part time online due to the pandemic.) With those two degrees, I have learned how to do plenty of research.

So, I decided to create a candle that was healthier (no carcinogens), and burned longer as well as smells deliciously amazing! After months of testing and testing I created a candle that I personally fell in love with! A candle that is much more environmentally safer than most of what is out there. A candle that is safer around my family, young or old, and my pets because of the lower melt temperatures, if it spills on them, it is not going to burn them. Yes, it will be hot, but will not blister them! A candle that if spilled, actually can be cleaned up with soap and water! I have researched the fragrance oils and essential oils for skin safety and fire safety. I put this candle in a vessel that can be reused, either to make more candles in again, or after cleaned, put other colorful things in, herbs, jewelry, coins etc. 

Now I am sharing my creations with others to allow them to benefit:

  • Environmentally safer candles, wax wise, scent and wick as well
  • Longer overall burn time
  • Safer around small children and pets due to lower burn temperature
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Scents that meet the highest IFRA standards
  • Reusable vessels 

Hence, my candle creations. My sweet husband's suggestions as to, "Why don't you just make your own candles?" also has added a new joy in my life, being that I love art and to be creative, I have learned to make specialized candles as well! I hope that you will find a little magic, hope and peace in my creations, because that is what they add to my own life, magic, hope and peace.