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Candle and wax melt creations that look and smell like the real thing!

Pies that smell amazing, and can be used for counter or table décor or burned to add to the festive atmosphere! But, please do not eat! They may look totally realistic, but they are created totally out of WAX! 

Hot Chocolate with whipped topping and chocolate straw even: looks and smells so real! 

Our pumpkin spice cupcake wax melts, look just like the store bought kind! 

The caramel apples wax melts look and smell good enough to eat! But remember they are wax! 

I had such a fun time creating all of these, but I only make them in small batches because of the time and energy that goes into making them. I will make more if requested, but there may be a short wait time! Thank you for your patience! 

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